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Pioneered by 100+ Thinkers. Innovators. 

Real estate agents are rarely referred to
as "thinkers" or "innovators." And the stereotype for the most part is correct. But the agents associated with the development of The Value-Driven Approach, truly,
are the exception to the rule.

Easy to Read

In a few hours, reading a few stories, as they relate to a few key topics, you'll be ready to increase your home-sale profit.

Guided Execution

In 100+ markets, there are certified-agents to help you implement the approach outlined in the book, assuring you're never lost.

Well Researched

The superior result achieved by readers of The Value-Driven Approach is not the result of luck
or happy accident. 

The Engine
Behind The Approach

This book will open your eyes to a very different home-selling approach. From the beginning, it starts not just in how you select your agent, or the program you choose, like the one presented in this book, but fundamentally, it requires a different mindset.

Through the application of Warren Buffett’s core principles and by treating your home as an investment—like a business with a stock price—there is a unique way to extract up to $30,000 or more of additional profit from any home on the market.


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Diagnostic Process

There is a saying in medicine, "A prescription without a diagnosis is malpractice." In real estate, however, this philosophy is not adhered to. It's not uncommon for an agent to arrive at your home and immediately begin to 
sell you on his "prescription." This of course represents a form of real estate malpractice. Our Certified-agents operate quite different. Before presenting you with  a tailored prescription to maximize profit, an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is conducted. 

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Carefully Executed Prescription

In the context of running a race; it is easy to understand the importance of your starting position. A runner starting in the outside lane, runs a very different race, from a strategic standpoint, than the runner in the inside lane. Once the data from the comprehensive diagnosis is determined, then from a strategic standpoint, the best prescription can be prescribed and executed to maxmize profit. 

Available in 100+ Markets

The book's subtitle says it all, "A practical guide to protect yourself from REAL ESTATE GREED & bank an extra $30,000 profit by thinking like the great

The Story Behind The Approach

Smart. Collaborative. Tested.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

One Book. 100+ Authors/Collaborators.

By Ryan Fletcher

Before I get to the backstory. This book was never devised to be a bestseller. Nor was it devised to check the bucket-list item of "author," for any of the many collaborators. This project, also, was not the result of any one person's research or idea. Who is Ryan Fletcher? I am simply the ghostwriter hired to bring the thoughts and convictions of these collaborators to life. Of course, you might ask, "How can there be 100+ authors for a single book?" There can't. But to squeeze 100+ names on the front cover of one book, trust me, looked ridiculous. The solution? Create a replicated version, for each collaborator, for distribution to family and friends in their local market. I remind you, this book is not about who wrote it. But about the ideas contained inside.  

The approach outlined in this book was inspired by the ISO-9000. The ISO-9000 is a globally adopted, quality business management standard used by huge brands with support businesses located internationally. The reason it exists is so stakeholders can believe with confidence that a manufacturing plant located in another country will produce exactly what the contract says, without having to travel to the plant to conduct a huge inspection. If the plant is ISO-9000 certified, then they know it will perform to standard. For obvious reasons, this kind of certainty is attractive. To know something is going to perform to standard, alleviates much stress and frustration. 

The question was asked, "Why does nothing like that exist in real estate?" If the ISO-9000 is based on 8 quality management principles, and trusted by huge companies such as GM, Chrysler, Boeing, General Electric, among others, then why couldn't a similar approach/protocol be created for the sale of real estate? Do homeowners not deserve to know that their home sale will perform to standard?

This led to a massive amount of research. And since a home (in its simplest form) is just an investment, one person's name kept coming up. Who's the world's greatest investor? Of course, Warren Buffett. After all, here is a man following the principles set out by Benjamin Graham, amassed a multibillion dollar fortune mainly through buying stocks and companies through Berkshire Hathaway. Those who invested $10,000 in Berkshire Hathaway in 1965 are above the $50-million mark today. But, more important to us, Buffett's investing style; of discipline, patience and value has consistently outperformed the market for decades. Said different, "Those who invested their money with Berkshire Hathaway, thanks to Buffett's approach, built on the investment principles of Benjamin Graham, knew their money would perform to standard."

The next logical question, "Based on Buffett's investment philosophy, could we devise an approach for the sale of real estate that could consistently beat the market?" That is to say, "Consistently sell homes at a higher price point, to maximize profit." If this were possible, then homeowners, no different than if a plant were ISO-9000 certified, could have total an complete confidence that thier home sale would perform standard. The end result of that research, and testing in 100+ markets, is this book. 

That's how The Value-Driven Approach came to be.

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Future Collaborators

About Ryan Fletcher

Ryan Fletcher

Ryan Fletcher is the author of Defeat Mega-Agents. Working with 100+ agent-collaborators from across the United States, Canada, even New Zealand, he documented and put into words their ideas. From that work, came the book The Value Driven Approach: A practical guide to protect yourself from REAL ESTATE GREED & bank an extra $30,000 profit by thinking like the great WARREN BUFFETT. To this day, Fletcher continues to work with this group of collaborators as a means to continually bring their newest ideas to life.   

Movements and revolutions are born out of collaboration. The idea that innovation happens in a creative vaccum is ludicrous. The next new collaborator, may just bring the next new idea that changes everything.

Ryan Fletcher