Northern VA Impact Club

Entrepreneurs. Philanthropists. Leaders.  

Together, Impact Club™ Members, we're changing
the way Impact is made in Northern VA. 
We stopped talking about it. And together; are doing something about it...

We Meet

It's simple. Once per quarter, we meet. We connect. We have a drink. Network. And we solve problems, to impact lives in our community.

We Vote

At each quarterly meeting, three nominated non-profit organizations are selected to present. Based on their presentation, each member then votes. 

We Donate

The organization with the most votes, receives a $100 check from each member of the Impact Club. 100 members x $100 = $10,000 donation/Impact.

Next Meeting - January 31st, 2018

My name is Ryan Sloper, local business owner and entrepreneur, and I want to impress upon you - it's never too late to step up and be heroic to the local charities in our community. Together, in just one hour, 100 Leaders in our community will band together, each listen to 3 charities make the case for their cause, then we'll cast a vote and each write a $100 check to benefit the winner. Said different. In just 1 hour, together, we'll surgically inject $10,000 of Impact into our local community. And yes, we want you to be a part of it. 

Date: Wednesday, January 31st @ 6:30pm 
Location: Old Hickory Golf Club (In Woodbridge)

Free T-Shirt

Included with the New Member welcome package, is a free Impact Club t-shirt. But this is not just a shirt. It's a symbol. It defines who are. And what we're about. Making Impact is something many people talk about, give lip-service to. But few actually act on their intentions. We are different. Leaders don't talk. We lead. Further, we proudly put on display our commitment to fight for the greater good, to inspire others. So please, wear this shirt proud. Be sure to wear it too, to the next quarterly meeting - taking place Oct. 18th.  

Exclusive Concierge Service

As an Impact Club Member, you receive access to our unique concierge service. We don't pick up your dry cleaning. But if you need access to a high-level business contact, we can probably do that.

Do your part. Inspire others.

If someone like you won't step up, then what hope do we have?

7 Reasons To Join The Movement


You'll Impact Lives

Several years ago, in cities across the United States and Canada, I started to hear about these groups popping up called, “100 Men Who Give A Damn.” The premise was simple. Once each quarter, so four times per year, the 100 members would meet, each write a check for $100, and hear the pitch from three local charities, as to how it could be benefitted by the group’s donation. Then there was a vote. The charity that presented the best case for the funds, would receive a check for $10,000 (100 members x $100 check = $10,000 donated). Over the course of a year, these 100 members would make a $40,000 impact in their community. The concept was brilliant. Simple. But the donation alone, in our opinion, doesn’t do enough. Further, just meeting 4 times per year doesn’t foster strong relationships. If you’re going to join a group of 100 Leaders "who give a damn,” there should be ample opportunities to get to know one another. In my own life, the people who have impacted me most, are other business minds. Entrepreneurs. Folks, who dare to think different, as a means to solve diverse, interesting problems for the betterment of mankind. And men, women, doesn’t matter. This isn’t a fraternity or sorority. It’s an Impact Club. All great minds, with authentic intentions, are welcome. Together, as Impact "venture capitalists," we are investing in the story of our Community. In addition to the $40,000 impact we make each year, the result of a $100 check, per member, per quarter—Impact Club is about much more. 

You'll Inspire Others (Including Kids)

People talk about giving back and making Impact. But then their actions do not match their words. They always have an excuse. “When I’m richer.” “When I have more free time.” But what these people don’t understand is—making Impact (in the life of another, in our community) isn’t about being rich. Or committing hours or weeks to a cause. Impact, is about doing what you can, with the current resources and time that you do have. Further, leaders lead by example. The greatest Impact you’ll ever make, is not the $100 check you write, once per quarter, to be a part of the Impact Club. The greatest impact you’ll ever make, is by inspiring others to do what you’re doing. And that happens, most often, when they SEE and HEAR what you’re doing. Society is filled with people who talk about their intentions. Those people never inspire anyone. The people who are an inspiration, are the people who make sacrifice, if need be, to do good in the world. With the Impact Club —our Mission, our Purpose—is to create a Chain of Inspiration. Like I said, Leaders lead. Are you a true Leader? You have to go first. Prove to others you’re out to make an Impact, and I guarantee you’ll inspire at least one other to join you in your quest to make a difference. In fact, are you a parent? We encourage all members to bring their kids to each quarterly vote. Let them hear the presentation of each charitable organization. Allow them help you cast your vote. As parents, our greatest achievement is to inspire our kids in the right ways! (We even arrange a photo opportunity for all the kids and young adults in attendance, holding the donation check, to document their journey of giving back to make an Impact.) Folks, our community needs you? We need more Leaders. 

You'll Be Part Of A Local Movement

Every movement starts with one. Then two. Then word travels a little faster. Then three. Then Four. And in the early going, people need to be convinced. They need to be pushed. They think to themselves, “Why should I join? What can we do? There’s just four of us.” But somehow those first four find a way to inspire that fifth and sixth person. And now there’s momentum. Before you know it. There are 10 leaders, who believe. Words travels faster. They inspire 10 more. Now there’s 20. Each adding another link, another member, to the Chain of Inspiration. Then there’s 30. Then there’s 40 members. And now that $100 check (multiplied 40 times) doesn’t seem so small. And family and friends of those founding 40, they start to ask questions. “What is the Impact Club™? What do you do, how does it work? How can I be a part of it?” And now instead of writing $4,000 checks. The group, because of you, and your inspiration to others, is writing checks for $6,000 and $7,000. The photo of the group, donating the check, becomes the foundation of a publicity campaign to inspire more. Local news outlets thrive on telling the stories of their local community leaders. Before you know it, what started as an idea and the founding 4, then 10, then 20 members, becomes a 100 members strong. And every quarter, one $10,000 check after another is being written to benefit kids and families in our community. (Update: There are now 47 Impact Club™ Chapters throughout the United States and Canada – each group, each member committed to inspiring and impacting the lives of others).   

You'll Gain Publicity Attention

Have no doubt, our mission is to write big checks (for authentic reasons) to impact lives in our community. Kids need us. Families need us. The poor need us. Our homeless need us. Veterans need us. People are suffering their ass off right now, including kids going to bed hungry, that we could help. But in order to do that, we have to think like entrepreneurs. A bleeding heart alone, won’t do. The great charities I’ve studied, yes, they give back and make tremendous impact. But they’re more “business” than charitable organization. They have marketing budgets, and detailed event plans. They have outreach. They have social media managers. They have teams that execute direct-mail. In fact, I want to share the secret of how Smile Train® achieved a 46% increase in fundraising.

  • The Experiment : Back in 2008, Brian Mullaney of Smile Train had a crazy idea to send out hundreds of thousands of letters (yes -- letters) to over 800,000 households. The organization's CMO, Brian Dearth, explained the idea further: "We provide free surgery to cure children of cleft palate that is permanent. So this is a way for us to convey the permanence. We provide donors with a similar opportunity to make a permanent change and be done with it."  

    Before it risked losing a large amount of its contact list, Smile Train did a test campaign with 150,000 households, sending half of the group a letter that said if they donated once to Smile Train, the organization would never ask them to donate again. The response was very promising - those who received the "once-and-done" letter donated $22,728, while those who received a standard letter donated $13,234.
    And that’s not all: Out of all those who received the once-and-done letter, only 39% indicated that they never wanted to be contacted again. That 39% only received a thank you letter with a receipt for their donation and a picture of a child that was helped by the organization. That left 91,500 donors who indicated they wanted to either receive limited communications or regular updates from Smile Train after making a donation.
    With the encouraging results from the test campaign, Smile Train felt confident that launching the experiment with its full list of 800,000+ households would be successful ... and it was. The once-and-done group donated $260,783, while the standard letter group donated $178,609

    (With these great results, Smile Train now uses this tactic for all of its direct mail campaigns to recruit new donors.)

Did you catch how they did it? Of course you did. They thought about the ‘challenge of fundraising’ as only an entrepreneur would. To help more people. We need more funds. How “are we going to do that?” This spawned the test of a new offer structure. In direct marketing terms, they ran an A/B split-test. They looked at the numbers. They had follow-up pieces. Based on the data, they then formed strategic decisions. My point: They didn’t just hope and pray for an increase in donations. They thought like entrepreneurs. “To help more people. We need more funds. How are we going to do that?” A plan was then put in place to engineer that outcome. Here, at the Impact Club™, we too believe in being proactive vs. passive. We think like entrepreneurs. “To help more people. We need to inspire more people. How are we going to do that?” That’s why Impact Club™, which is part of the Make Impact Foundation™, has partnered with our sister companies, Make Impact™ Real Estate and Northern VA Advice Givers®, a budding media company, to publish two local magazines: Impact Monthly™ and Northern VA Advice Givers® magazine—to distribute our message (to make Impact) to a larger audience. This does two things, 1) It gives exposure to our members and their businesses, if they’re entrepreneurs, or if they have a cause they’re fighting for. And 2) By spotlighting those (you) who dare to think bigger and do better, we strengthen and grow the Chain of Inspiration. Which is to say, inspire more leaders to become Impact Club™ members. And see, I told you. This isn’t just about writing a $100 check each quarter. You’ll be part of a movement. That is making Impact and committed to growing even larger, to make a bigger Impact. 

You'll Have Fun

As I stated previously, Impact, isn’t limited to the Impact we have on worthy causes. Worthy organizations. But it’s much bigger than that. This is about impacting each and every member of the Impact Club™ as well. And That starts by facilitating opportunities, among members, to form relationships. If I’ve learned one thing about great Leaders, it’s that collaboration is our oxygen. It fuels us. To discuss different ideas, to solve different problems, to be helpful to others, is what makes us feel alive. I know, because I, personally, am one of those people. I could talk business or entrepreneurship for hours. The best part? These conversations happen while doing insanely good things for our community. How about, once per quarter, an organized pub crawl for hunger? Or autism? How about a golf event, to raise funds for our local Boys 9’n Girls Club? I have tasked, Eugene, our Community Engagement Director, with the details of organizing such events. In addition to the good we’ll do, these can be thought of as “think tank” events. Who knows who you’ll meet, or who’ll talk to. So I ask, are you a Leader? Do you have the heart of a philanthropist? Do you thrive on collaboration? If you answered “yes,” my friend, you belong here.  

You'll Have An Incredible Network (at your fingertips)

Let’s face it, being the Leader of “anything,” whether it’s a business or charitable organization, or a household, is fucking hard. Excuse my language, but that’s the truth. And the best Leaders, are those with the strongest support network. Who have intelligent people can turn to. When making critical decisions, the ability to pick up a phone, to call someone in your network, can be priceless. I once heard Tim Ferriss, celebrated author and entrepreneur, say, “My network IS my net worth.”
Which I believe speaks for itself, how much he values his relationships. Strategic partnerships. Etc. My own thoughts on this: Find me a successful Leader, I’ll show you a person who puts the prioritization of relationships as their primary objective. Find me a terrible Leader, I’ll show you a person who thinks he can do everything himself. As the owner of multiple companies, which includes a real estate company, a media company, a training and publishing company, a philanthropic platform, and four Duck Donuts stores locally, along with my business partners, our primary focus is the strengthening and deepening of relationships. So if you too value this, being an Impact Club™ member is your passport to an Incredible Network. And, as the ultimate collaboration tool, we use Slack (as our 'member' directory and messaging app), so you always have a contact to reach out to, regardless of the challenge or needed solution. Not to mention, the camaraderie and friendship that comes with shared beliefs and values. 

Complimentary Concierge Service

As an Impact Club Member, you'll receive complimentary access to our exclusive concierge service. Please don't call us to pick up your dry cleaning. That's not what we do. But if you need access to a high-level business contact, we can probably do that. Our network is vast and wide-ranging. This puts us in a unique position to be incredibly value to our most loyal members. By helping us achieve our mission - to Make Impact, by investing in our community, as an Impact "Venture Capitalist" - it's our honor to provide you, 100% complimentary, our concierge service. How it works: When you become an Impact Club™ Member, in your welcome package, along with your Membership Card, you'll receive an exlusive link where you can submit an unlimited number of requests. 


How are the 3 presenting charities chosen?

Let me first state that no charitable organization can nominate itself. The organization, to be considered, must be nominated by an active Impact Club™ member, who has signed the Commitment Form. Further, in order for the nominated organization to be considered, it must be local to the Northern VA area (Prince William County) and it must be a registered not-for-profit charitable organization eligible to provide tax receipts for donations. It also must be previously established (no start-ups) and have a successful history of allocating donated funds to worthy local causes. The nomination process is 100% by Impact Club™ members. If a charitable organization wishes to be nominated, their director or representative should reach out to one or more Impact Club™ members, to make a case for their charity. Or
within their own ranks, should encourage their supporters and advocates to become active Impact Club™ members,
 earning the right to nominate their affiliated charity. 

This brings us to the selection process: 

Nominations can be made at anytime upon joining, or at renewal, as well as in the weeks leading up to each quarterly meeting. The cut off to nominate is 10 days prior to the next meeting. During that time, all nominated charitable organizations are put into a database, where ineligible organizations will be discarded. The remaining eligible charities are then put into a hat and three organizations are drawn at random 1 week before the quarterly meeting. Each of the selected organizations will be contacted and invited to give a brief 5-minute presentation. Followed by 5-minute member-directed Q&A. If the charity declines, or is unable to present, another charity will be selected from the database at random and invited in their place. The identity of the selected charities will not be revealed until the meeting is underway,  to ensure absolute fairness.  After the charity is done presenting, the Impact Club™ member who nominated the charity, may also add a short 1-minute testimony or endorsement.  

Can a charity be nominated more than once? 

Yes, a charity can be nominated more than once, and YES that will increase the odds of its selection. For each nomination, the charitable organization will get "one entry" into the drawing, per annual meeting. That means if it has been nominated 23 times. It will have 23 entries in the drawing. If the organization has been selected in the past, and received the group's donation, that charity will not eligible for re-nomination for 6 meetings. (The exception would be a large organization, such as a hospital. Which might have multiple departments or programs, serving different community groups.) If a charity is nominated but NOT selected to present, it is immedaitely eligible for re-nomination for the next quarterly meeting. If the charity is nominated AND selected to present, but does NOT win the group's vote, it will be eligible for re-nomination in one year. 

Each active Impact Club™ member is limited to 3 nominations for each quarterly event - and yes, a member may submit all three nominations for a single charitable organization. 

I'm a new member: What should I expect at a meeting?

On the date and time, at the location specified, for each quarterly meeting, you'll arrive. And let's say sign-in and registration starts at 6:30pm.

Here's how the night will unfold:
- 6:30pm Registration, connect with other members, and bar opens (Complimentary drinks - up to 2 free)
- 7:00pm Meeting begins 
------ Opening remarks
------ Details about how voting will take place
------ Annouce the 3 charity finalists 
------ Each charity will give a 5-minute TED style talk
------ Member-directed questions, for up to 5-minutes after each charity's presentation. 
------ Short testimony or endorsement, up to 2-minutes, from the nominating Impact Club™ member
------ Voting and tabuation (parents encouraged to discuss voting decision with attending children - inspire our kids!)
------ Update presentation from the previous quarter's donation recipient
------ Announce the winning recipient
------ Members write thier $100 check to the recipient charity (and collection)
- 7:30pm Post-event networking, and bar re-opens

Note: In attempt to inspire more Leaders in our community, a photo opportunity will be arranged also, with all Impact Club members, donating the $10,000 check (100 members x $100) to the winning charity. This photo will be submitted to local papers as a Press Release. You're also be provided a copy, to share through your personal or company distribution channels. WE FIRMLY BELIEVE. To inspire others, we must lead by example. And what better way, than by making the donation? 

2nd Note: Depending on venue, there may be restrictions on kids' attendence. Details will be made available, as soon as that information is known, prior to each meeting. 

What if I can't attend a meeting?

It's real simple. You can write a blank $100 check and send it with a 'buddy' or fellow member who will be going to the meeting. That friend will not be able to vote on your behalf, for one of the presenting charities, but he will be able to deliver your check to be include in the donation to the winning charity. In the Impact Club™ Member Directory, you can find the name and phone number of each person. You can also arrange delivery, in advance of the quarterly meeting, if you know you won't be able to attend - with Eugene Brown, Eugene is the foundation's Community Engagement Director and Impact Club™ concierge. 

Important Note: If a member does not responsibly arrrange donation prior to the event, he or she risks being removed from active membership.   

Can I bring a friend to a quarterly meeting?

Aboslutely, but that friend will need to sign the Commitment Form at the door, as a means to become an active Impact Club™ Member. Once complete, they'll be admitted into the quartelry meeting and be sent their Impact Club™ Member welcome package in 3-5 business days.

NoteImpact Club™ above everything, is about commitment. Any person unwilling to make the commitment, to Impact our community, is not a good fit for membership. 

Are my $100 donations tax deductible?

Absolutely. All eligible charities must be registered not-for-profit charitable organizations, and able to provide tax/donation receipts. If you do not receive a tax/donation receipt in short order, within days of the event, contact directly the winning charitable organization. If additional assistance is need, you may contact Euguene Brown, Community Engagement Director with Make Impact Foundation™, and Impact Club™ concierge.

Note: Donations will be made directly to the recipient charity, not to Make Impact Foundation™

Can I just send my donation to the charity itself?

No, the purpose of the Impact Club™ is to demonstrate how individuals, if they come together, can make a BIG impact. Most people fail to get involved, beacuse they falsely believe, "What can I do?" So, to counter that mentality, the Impact Club™ is the tangible proof of what a group of "individuals" can do, if they dare to lead by example. So no, please do not send your donation directly to the charity. Your $100 donation should be made, the night of the quarterly meeting, so we have LARGE $10,000 checks to donate - as powerful demonstration of our Impact. 

Note: The choice to donate individually, defeats the purpose of the Impact Club

How much of my donation goes to adminstrative costs?

Zero. Zilch. None. 100% of each member's $100 donation (each quarter) goes DIRECTLY to the recipient charity. The Impact Club™ has ZERO adminstrative costs paid for by members. That said, each presenting charitable organization likely does have some kind of adminstrative costs. And "that" is a perfet question to ask, during the question and answer session that follows each presentation. Vote smart.   

How does Impact Club™ communicate with members?

Each Impact Club™ member will receive a complimentary subscription to Impact Monthly™, a hard-copy print magazine. Which includes, detailed analysis of the '35 Undeniable Truths' to Make Impact. Members are also communicated with via email and, if needed, phone. If someone wishes not to be communicated with, they can terminate their Impact Club™ membership at any time. 

Note: Member contact information is never sold, shared, or rented to any 3rd party. 

Is Impact Club™ limited to 100 members?

It wouldn't be fair to the charitiable organizations, or the community, if we limited membership to 100. Our mission and purpose is make as much Impact as possible. So no, membership is not limited to 100. Right now though, for all of Prince William County, there is only one Impact Club™. As more Leaders are inspired to join us, to become members - at that time, localized chapters will begin to launch. Egs. Impact Club™ Woodbridge. Impact Club™ Manassas. Impact Club™ Dale City. We will not stop at just 100 members. Because of you and other Leaders like you, the movement will continue to grow. And the Impact made, mulitplied.